Tenants’ Development Corporation (TDC) is a Property Management and Development Corporation. Over the past 20 years, TDC has developed into a more comprehensive property management organization. Tenants’ Development Corporation will be celebrating its’ 50th Anniversary!

TDC is a growing organization and has developed into a more comprehensive property management and development organization. TDC is and has always been committed to bringing together the assets of TDC residents, neighbors, community leaders and the organization to promote the well-being of underserved or at risk youth, adults, seniors and families by offering services and programs that inspire personal growth, empowerment and enrichment.

Executive Director’s Message
We believe that building a strong community that supports its’ residents and neighbors must begin by improving the safety, living conditions, health, education, lifestyle and economic conditions of low to moderate income TDC residents and neighbors in Boston’s historic South End and Greater Boston. ~ Donald O. Ward, Executive Director.