We receive a number of calls regarding our wait list process For South End House I (SETH I) & South End House Ii (SETH II), we hope the following information helps:

When and how do I apply for an affordable or subsidized apartment?
There is a waiting list for both SETH I & SETH II which is currently closed.  Applicants may apply when we are accepting applications for the waiting list.

What are the eligibility requirements to apply for the SETH I & SETH II apartments:
Applicants must meet Section 8 and Low Income Housing Tax Credit program requirements which include but is not limited to applicants not exceeding the annual maximum  household income, citizenship/immigration status requirements,  appropriate number of household members for bedroom size requested and student status.

Where do you advertise the opening of the waiting list?
You may find the announce of the opening of the waiting list  on several local and community newspapers such as; Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Bay State Banner, El Mundo, Sam Pan and the South End News.

How often is the waiting list opened?
It depends on the number of applicants on the list.  We review the applicant pool at least on an annual basis when the wait list is updated.

How are applicants placed on the waiting list?
Applicants are placed on the list according to the applicant’s housing preference and then by date and time of application.

Do I need a Section 8 Voucher?
No.  The development has Section 8 funding in place. If you have a voucher,  your voucher cannot be used for the Section 8 units.

How are applicants selected to be housed?
Selection from the waiting list is based housing priority,  date and time of the application.  Applicants’ housing priority is verified during the process to be considered for an apartment.

Do you have standards for how many people can occupy an apartment? Yes, the standards are as follows:

  • Studio/O bedroom:         1 person
  • One Bedroom:                1 – 2 people
  • Two Bedroom:                2 – 4 people
  • Three Bedroom:              3 – 6 people
  • Four Bedroom:                4 – 8 people
  • Five Bedroom:                 5 – 10 people